About Us

At YOOBIC, our mission is to transform the future of work for frontline employees.

We created a unique digital workplace that helps companies empower their frontline teams for success, wherever they are, through effective and digitised task management, communication, and training.

Based in London, New York, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Milan, with 200 employees, YOOBIC is used by 200+ businesses across the world, in industries such as retail, hospitality and manufacturing. YOOBIC’s clients include Peloton, Boots, Lacoste, Domino’s Pizza, Puma and Kenzo.

We have 17 different nationalities and more than 10 languages are spoken in our offices. We offer an inclusive, multi-cultural environment, where everyone is encouraged and empowered to make their impact as our company continues to expand its global footprint. We produce excellence, we take pride in the work we do, we are committed to make our team and our clients as successful as possible.

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